Kamis, 19 Februari 2009

Easy way to give Photo Effect with Photo Funia

Am sure, some day, you are so lazy to use a difficult way to create an artistic photo. Not for advance use, but only for newbie like me.

As you known that i can't use photoshop as a graphical editing software very well, because its so difficult to use. Before you can generate a great photo image, you should do step by step procedure till you finished your work.

There is a simplest way to do unless you are an advance designer. This trick is only for beginner.

Lets begin the trick to cut this article to become so long n make you bored to read.
Ok, the first way is visit yeaaa. u don't need a graphical designer application till now, just an internet access. It's so easy right?

Next, you should choose an effect to your photo, just CLICK and browse your photo at your own folder.

Imagine that you will get an artistic photo with just one click, after you select your photo the page will refresh automatically and the final work will finish as soon as your internet speed.

Lets me show my photo with my choosed effect, (I Like it very much) Don't You?

Yan mengatakan...

Photofunia is really nice site. - funny photos online is another great site with different templates and daily updated with a new effect.

Persada Developer mengatakan...

thanks for your additional infomation..

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